Estrellas Poker Tour Barcelona: 1,798 players registered at the Main Event

Spanish fans of poker are especially spoiled during this summer season. Many poker

tournaments are planned in their country. For example, the first European Poker Tour of the

season 10 is going to start this Monday, in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. It’s under the

guidance of the red-spade room, its sponsor. In the meantime, another poker event is currently

held. It’s about the Estrellas Poker Tour, which is a tournament with a buy-in of €1,100…

With an amazing number of 1,798 players registered, this tournament beat all records. The

number of participants is so high that as well organizers as the hotel, in which the tournament

is held, are overwhelmed. A quite long line was visible. For those who like to play poker, it

happened that some of them have even doubted about their participation in this appointment.

675 players have participated in the Day 1. Besides, the French Julien Gaston was the

chipleader at the end of the Day 1A. 1,123 players took part in the Day 1B.

Phil Yvey: He bets not to drink any alcohol

Some professional poker players like also to do more or less crazy betting, feasible or bluntly

unrealizable. Recently, Antonio Esfandiari bet on his success to abstain from any sexual

relation during a year. Now it’s the turn of the legendary Phil Yvey to do a betting not to

drink any alcohol during a certain period. He announced it via his Tweeter account. For the

moment, we know neither the amount nor the duration. But something is sure: American

poker players like betting.

If he succeeds to concretize it, he will emerge grown for fans of live poker as well as for those

who like to play online poker. Let us remember his last betting that he has lost, as he didn’t

resist to the temptation of not eating meat till the end. To stop the bet, he had to give $150,000

to Tom Dwan. For $1 million, he would be able to stop eating meat during a year.

WPT Alpha8: Silverman as first winner

Currently, Florida is the theater of appointments of major poker tournaments. After the

$10,000,000 guaranteed of the Seminole Hard Rock which ended last week, another

tournament, the World Poker Tour Alpha8 Super High Roller, took place there at the same

time as the Seminole Hard Rock $10,000,000 guaranteed. WPT Alpha8 are a kind of series of

televised high stakes tournaments. Several stars of live poker or online poker have taken part

in this event: Jason Mercier, Isaac Haxton and Bill Perkins, to quote only a few.

The buy-in is amounted at $100,000. The first winner of the first World Poker Tour Alpha8

is Steven Silverman. We have given him an amount of $891,660. Let us remember that this

American is also the last winner of the High Roller of Monte Carlo. So, he has entered in the

small circle of great winners of this year, those who have got more than $2 million. After

Florida, the tournament will cross other cities of the world.

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $10M guaranteed: Coronation of Hinkle

Blair Hinkle was crowned winner of the poker tournament Seminole Hard Rock Poker

Open $10 Million Guarantee Championship in Florida in August, Wednesday 28

victim during a heads-up is Justin Bonomo. During the round, the two American men played

167 hands. Hinkle started with a little advantage that he increased progressively up to the

hand #96. Thus, both men touch a flush. Hinkle has an Eight-high straight flush, while his

counterpart, Bonomo, has a Nine-high. Afterward, Bonomo has the advantage to have more

chips than Hinkle, but the latter has managed to catch him.

During the hand #15, Bonomo lost too much and let Hinkle overtake him. The latter could

keep his advantage till the end. In addition to the title, this man who likes to play poker

returned home with a huge check of $1,745,245. Thus, with this success, the totality of

earnings that Hinkle has got, since he became a professional player, has downright doubled:

$3.5 million of gains in live tournaments.

Professional poker: Another prop bet for Phil Ivey

The world of professional poker doesn’t lack in information. Often, betting made by stars

of this discipline is object of many comments. It’s the case of Phil Ivey who bets with the

businessman Kasey Thompson, the co-founder of the magazine All In, who has been evolving

in the middle of poker since 2004. In fact, the « Tiger Woods of Poker » bets saying that he

will not drink alcohol anymore from August 28th. We know neither the amount put in stake

nor the duration of his challenge.

Besides, this betting can also be considered as free poker. On another note, Jake Cody

announced in August 31st that he is waiting for the birth of a baby. The Englishman is among

the little circle which consists of five players of the history who won the three major circuits

of poker (WSOP, EPT and WPT). At the level of poker, the year 2013 is rather satisfying for

Cody: 5th place in the Grande Finale of the EPT in Monte-Carlo and a final table in the World

Series of Poker.

Online poker High Stakes: The classification of the week

High stakes poker doesn’t know respite. The Season 10 of the European Poker Tour, under

the supervision of a website of online poker that we don’t present anymore, started last week

in Barcelona. As expected, the stars of this cards game on internet came massively in order to

confront themselves. Among them, we can quote Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies, “Odd_Oddsen”,

Ignat “0Human0” Liviu, without forgetting the best of virtual poker tables high limits such as

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar.

The latter is the greatest winner of the week by amassing $1,257,962 in 3,346 hands on

41 sessions. “Denoking” (+$716,679 in 6 sessions/1,797 hands) is in second position and

Blom with $694,379 of gain in $14,013 hands on 141 sessions, complete the podium.

Concerning losers, “SallyWoo” is at the forefront with -$1,090, 924 in 2,020 mains on 12

sessions, “MalACEsia” with $925,537 in 1,304 hands on 8 sessions follows him and Phil

“OMGClayAiken” Galfond, who has lost $485,580 in 5,434 hands on 30 sessions, is third.

Matt Savage replies to Negreanu

The controversy arose after Negreanu’s gesture when the latter left the table of the High

Roller during the European Poker Tour Barcelona as it does not end yet. Let us remember that

the Canadian didn’t appreciate the new rule stipulating that the cards of a player not sitting

at table are from now on burnt after the distribution of the first card, and no longer the first.

And as the case has made a lot of noise in the middle of live and online poker, the director of

WPT tournaments, Matt Savage, has given his opinion concerning the matter.

Not only the man defends this rule but also put ”Kid Poker” in his place. The new regulation

applies to everyone and in all major poker tournaments. There is no reason for poker players

to be afraid about persons who stand behind them. Talking about Negreanu, Savage argues

that this one has to conform to the regulations of this game. The time when only the voice of

stars is heard is over.

Jonathan Duhamel: Always positive anyway

By winning the WSOP Main Event in 2010, Quebec’s Jonathan Duhamel was propelled

to the front of the stage of the poker world. In addition to the title, he hit a big check for

8,945,000 dollars. But life is not a bed of roses. Duhamel, like so many other celebrities, also

experienced the bad side and fall of performance. Indeed, assault, theft attempt, including the

one from his former girlfriend, marked his life since he won the Main Event of the WSOP


However, these difficulties, these mishaps didn’t change him. Instead, they made ​​him

stronger. Furthermore, the fact of living in bad times helped him to become more mature. The

man became more attentive to those around him. He prefers to spend more time with people

who were already his family before 2010 by talking or playing poker with them, otherwise

with his family or his childhood friends. But he is not so paranoid. Thanks also to poker and

psychology, Duhamel was able to know some other people’s thoughts.

Auxonne: The club Dole Poker Team develops

As elsewhere in France, the poker craze also reached the Val de Saône department. At the

initiative of Alexandre Henriette, a soldier of the 511th regiment of Auxonne, the Dole Poker

Team was born a year and a half ago. But Alexandre had to learn poker before founding his

club. He learned this card game with his brother. This latter is a keen and an active of Gex

poker club. Without delay, the soldier realized quickly that the game is worth to the point

that he eventually founded a club, between Auxonne and Dole. The man named it Dole Poker


Then he left for a mission lasting six months in Afghanistan. Back in France, he started to

organize parties at home with a few neighbors. Thereafter, they became members of the

board of the association. The military recognizes that it is through these encounters with

these players, neighbors, that it was possible to create the association and to let it possible to

continue to exist till this day. Dole Poker Team gathers actually everyone who likes to play


Online poker: A fall of the sector activity in Spain

The report on the Spanish online games activity for the second quarter of 2013 was revealed

to the public. According to the regulatory authority of the Spanish online games, the

Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), this regulated sector as in France, did

not register the desired effect. The gross gaming revenue (GGR) of Spanish online poker

operators during the second quarter of 2013 was only € 55.43 million while it was € 61.61

million during the previous quarter, nearly 10% drops.

For poker, the most popular game, the downward trend continues and really disappoints

operators. Whether for cash game poker or online poker tournament, the falling of the

amount played was significant ​​ during the quarter. And this fact change automatically the

GGR. Indeed, the entire amount that players bet registered a decrease of 11% in cash games

and 6% in tournaments. The report also shows that the number of players was 1,420,256 on

September, 5, 2013.